Monday, April 27, 2009

Special Ecstatic Dance Event - Liz Temple comes to Spokane!

Hello, Dancers!

Since my first experience of dancing ecstatically in community in Hawaii a few years ago, I have been exploring various aspects of "movement as spiritual practice."  As my experience continues to deepen, I've discovered  tremendous wisdom and teaching in Gabrielle Roth's  5Rhythms map for ecstatic dance.  With its beginnings over twenty years ago, Gabrielle's dynamic work now moves globally in an rapidly growing, interconnected community of practice.  I first encountered that community at Burning Man last year, and then again in Olympia this past New Year's at Waves Studio .  Inspired by the energy of their community, I committed to bringing a connection to our fledgling community here, and began a conversation with Liz Temple, the owner and home teacher at Waves.  On Sunday, May 3rd, Liz will be joining us at Harmony Yoga for a special Sunday morning Sweat Your Prayers dance, followed by an afternoon session for those who want to experience 5Rhythms and move deeper into the potential of the work.  Liz is an exceptional teacher and DJ, and so I invite you and your friends to what I believe will be a heart-opening, joyous experience.  

Please email me at or call (509.990.6434 or 509.747.2993), if you would like to register for the afternoon session, or would like further information.   You can do either session or both.  The cost for Sweat Your Prayers is $15 and for Deep Waves $45.  There will be a $10 discount for those participating in both the morning and afternoon dance sessions.

Sweat Your Prayers
Sunday 10:30am -1 pm This class is drop in $15
This uplifting Sunday morning dance is the perfect antidote for our overburdened lives. This is a time to come together in community and do the practice of the 5Rhythms Wave. In Sweat Your Prayers, you are free to follow your own dance as we move through the rhythms of flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness. After a warm-up dance we move through an uninterrupted wave of the 5Rhythms, freeing your body and opening your heart. Each person is free to dance alone or with others.
Deep Waves
Sunday 2:00pm - 5:00pm This class is $45, Registration requested
The 5Rhythms® are a dynamic map of the way energy moves. Just like light, sound, or ocean waves, a dancing body when moving freely passes through 5 distinct rhythmic patterns. We navigate this map by putting ourselves into motion, finding the shape of our bodies in each new moment, and releasing into our creative spirit. In this special day of in-depth discovery, we play with the elements of the map and discover new ways of being in motion.

Sweat Your Prayers & Deep Waves on May 3rd