Monday, November 12, 2007

The Birth of Dance The Light Ecstatic

We gathered to dance. On Saturday night, November 11th, twenty souls sweated their prayers in the Main Street Yoga Studio in downtown Spokane, WA. Our circle birthed a collective Spirit of fun, play, freedom, divine connection, open heart, ecstasy, communal connection, and movement. Thank you to every one and all. Thank you to Kim Buck Schneider of Main Street Yoga for the space, and to all the artists and friends who helped with the music mix. I can hardly wait until the next dance night!

Karma appeared early in the evening after the fourth song when the speakers on the studio ceiling both blew simultaneously. Amazing! It was a confirmation of the energy state we had created. We'll accept this action as an expression of our long-held desire to break open to our greater Spirit.

This will be the weblog for our community. We'll post the dance schedule and we can share our experiences, thoughts, intentions, feelings, and ideas.

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