Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Continuum Montage Dives Into the Depths of Memory

I'm still synthesizing and integrating the incredible experience of moving in the Continuum field this past weekend. My body field, my kinesphere, feels larger, more spacious, more fluid, more attuned to myself and my connections. My gratitude for Susan Harper and the practitioners of this form continues to grow in me. One realization - there are no solutions, no answers, just the resonance of movement and consciousness, the ecstatic unfolding of body and breath.

In the practice of the "dive", bringing me to an "organismic" awareness of myself that connects to the "evolutionary dream" of Life on this planet, my humanity expands into a larger ME that touches the edges of my fear and my joy. I can't avoid myself. I feel totally supported by the field around me.

This work complements all of the other movement practices I've been doing. I am especially reminded of Authentic Movement, and I am exquisitely aware of my "mover" and "witness" dance.

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